Online Auctions

Municipal personal property that is not needed for public use, or is obsolete or unfit for the use for which it was acquired, may be sold by internet auction to the highest bidder.  Personal property to be sold will be available for public bid for a minimum of ten business days.

Internet Auctions

Internet auctions will occur throughout the year, conducted by, located at 100 Capital Commerce Boulevard Suite 110, Montgomery, AL 36117. 

To register, visit the GovDeals Website.

Terms and Conditions

There following items are currently listed on auction until October 20, 2022:

Prodigy Envy Scooter                            Hotsy Pressure Washer                                

Skateboard (Primitive)                          Gemtop Truck Bed Cover

Lot of 5 Bicycles (Lot 3)

Lot of 5 Bicycles (Lot 4)

Lot of 5 Bicycles (Lot 5)

Lot of 5 Bicycles (Lot 6)

Lot of 5 Bicycles (Lot 7)

Lot of 6 Bicycles (Lot 8)

To see all items listed for sale:

Berea, OH listings 

Or type "Berea, OH" in the search box on the Gov Deals homepage.