Snow Removal

The City of Berea follows specific operational criteria for snow removal. Our City is subdivided into 4 routes using main roads as divisional boundaries. During a snow event plowing and salting all main roads are given top priority. Secondary main roads, hills and curves are next followed by neighborhood side streets, cul de sacs, dead ends, and alleys. 

Smart Salting

“Smart Salting” is the system we employ to salt our roads. The City uses this salting system to help keep the salt from entering the rivers and into our drinking water system. Mains and secondary mains are salted as needed for safe travel through our city. Neighborhoods and other areas are spot salted through intersections and at regular intervals throughout the neighborhood to help ensure safe travel. We can and will adjust our salting policy as required based on what each storm/event may dictate.

Expedited Response

During the winter season (December through March) the Service Department maintains a three shift schedule to better serve the need for expedited response during storm events.