Collection Guidelines and Times

To ensure pickup of your waste and recycling materials, please place waste and recycling carts at the curb or on your treelawn before 7 a.m. on your pickup day.

Rubbish Route Collection Map


City Ordinance prohibits the placing of rubbish or recycling at the curb earlier than 4:30 p.m. the day before your scheduled pickup, and putting away the rubbish cans by 10 a.m. the next day following a pick up. Please see Codified Ordinance 321.03 for more information.

For questions or more information, call Kimble at (800) 201-0005.

Trash and Recycling Collection

All household garbage and trash must be bagged and placed in the dark green cart. All household recycling must be loose in the light green cart. Cart lid openings must face the street and handle must face the home. Carts must be placed on driveway or tree lawn approximately three feet apart and away from the curb.

For more information on cart placement, review the Easy Cart Placement Guide

For questions or more information, call Kimble at (800) 201-0005.

Items Not Permitted For Disposal

  • Building materials and debris by contractors or private dumpster services. These items must be removed and disposed of by contractors.
  • Large car parts, tires, batteries, etc.
  • Liquids - Oils, Flammable liquid

For more information on items that cannot go in the Kimble Trash carts, review the Easy Trash Guide.