Animal Control

Animal Control: Badge Number 1692

Animal Control Officer, Laura Rizk

City of Berea Animal Control Officer, Laura Rizk, comes from a long family history of public service professionals. Her lifelong love and compassion for animals drove her to pursue a career in the Animal Control field. She attended the National Animal Control Association training academy to become certified as an Animal Control Officer. She has completed Community Emergency Response training and attended animal behavior classes. She is actively pursuing a multitude of animal related courses to further her knowledge of all animal and public related issues.

This is responsible work in the enforcement of laws and ordinances pertaining to animals.


Work involves responding to complaints about animals, impounding unlicensed and stray animals, and caring for impounded animals. Work also involves responsibility for maintaining records on activities, and on animal bites and for taking action in cases of persistent problems. Work is performed under the general direction of superiors but requires the exercise of independent judgment and initiative. Work requires extensive public contact.

  • Receives and investigates complaints relating to animals; impounds stray or unlicensed animals.
  • Maintains records on animal bites; impounds animals which have bitten a person or persons according to established laws, ordinances, policies, and procedures; contacts owners.
  • Maintains records of animals reported lost and found; maintains other records as necessary according to established procedures.
  • Maintains working relationship and is City of Berea’s liaison with the Animal Rescue Fund.