Leasing Permit & Non-Owner Occupied Homes


Berea City Council passed legislation requiring that owners of all one and two family residential dwellings in all zoning districts obtain a Leasing Permit prior to allowing occupancy of a dwelling unit by a non-owner when the owner does not live in the dwelling. This is effective as of October 1, 2018.

This legislation was passed into Codified Ordinance 1331 to help preserve the housing stock and ensure safe living conditions, adequate parking areas, upkeep of residential structures and to avoid over-crowding.

When Leasing Permits are Required

Property owners who do not live in a dwelling unit and rent, lease or otherwise allow non-owners to occupy a dwelling unit must obtain a Leasing Permit. This includes an owner who does not live in the dwelling unit and rents or leases the dwelling unit for cash or other consideration.


Additionally, this includes an owner who does not live in a dwelling unit and allows non-owners, such as family members, friends or other people, to reside in the dwelling unit free of charge. 

Anyone Not on Deed

Any dwelling unit in the R-SF-A or R-SF-B zoning districts that is occupied by someone not on the deed must have a Leasing Permit.

Fair Housing Ordinance

The fair housing ordinance is continuing policy of the City to do all things necessary and proper to secure for all citizens their rights to equal housing opportunities regardless of their race, color, national origin, sex, handicap or disability, religious beliefs, ancestry, familial status or military status. 

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