Tree Reimbursement Program

Reimbursements are available to homeowners that are interested in planting a tree in the tree lawn or front yard.  

Upon approval, applicants are eligible to receive a reimbursement limited to up to half of the cost of purchasing and planting the tree, not to exceed a maximum of $100.00 per tree.  

Tree size for the tree lawn must be a minimum of one and a half (1.5) inches measured at a point six (6) inches above grade level.


  1. Complete the online application or return the printed form provided to or mail it to the Service Department, 11 Berea Commons, Berea, OH  44017.
  2. Application will be sent to members of the Shade Tree Commission to make an on-site survey to consider the request.
  3. Upon receipt of the Commission’s recommendation, the Service Department will notify applicant of any comments or approval for the planting.
  4. Resident is responsible for calling OUPS (8-1-1) before digging, to ensure all utility markings have been made before planting starts.
  5. After planting, applicant should notify the Service Department so that a follow up inspection can be made to ensure the planting conforms to City requirements.  A copy of the receipt for purchasing tree(s) should also be provided.
  6. When final inspection is complete and approved, application will be submitted for reimbursement.

Helpful Hints:

Proper Tree Planting

Fall Tree Digging Risks

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Tree Reimbursement Application (pdf)

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