Mayor's Office

Communication is key in any community. If you have a concern, we want to hear from you. Whether it’s noise or graffiti on a playground, we have an app for that.

The City’s upgraded web site is geared for two-way communication – between residents and City Hall. Let’s say you have a pothole on your street and you’d like to let the City know about it so it can be repaired. A couple of easy steps will register your concern. 

First, go to the City web site, Click on Report a Concern on the main page. There are four options – Code Enforcement, Parks & Recreation, Public Safety and Service Department. Under Service, click on Pot Hole Repair Report. Fill out the information and attach a photo if you’d like. You will get an immediate response that the concern has been assigned to a specific department or individual. There will be follow-up. You also can check on how the resolution of your issue is progressing. 

Besides pothole repair, there are several categories from which to choose, including Noise Disturbance, Property Maintenance Concern, Graffiti or Damage to a City Park or Playground, Brush Collection Pickup, Downed Trees or Limbs. There also is a General Request Form if your issue doesn’t fit into these other categories. 

This is not a chat room. It is a way for City Hall to respond to people faster and more efficiently. The Report a Concern link is monitored daily to ensure that departments are responding quickly and that your issues are resolved. 

We realize that sometimes it’s local, neighborhood issues that can be most irritating and that can escalate if not addressed promptly. Barking dogs, a vacant house with unmown grass, speeders all reflect on quality of life. We want Berea to remain a familyfriendly community. Let us take care of these concerns for you. 

Not comfortable with computers? Give us a call at (440) 826-5800.