Sidewalk / Street Repairs

Sidewalk and Apron Repairs

The City of Berea will replace / restore the section of sidewalk or apron that was disturbed as a result of a city utility repair i.e. water distribution work, or sanitary or storm sewer repair If you have questions, please contact the Service Garage 440-826-5853. 

If your sidewalk is in need of maintenance and or repair city ordinance Number 921.05 states that it is the home owner’s responsibility for these types of issues. 

The Service Department will remove and haul away defective slabs for free to help defer costs for the homeowner undertaking the replacement project and obtaining permits with no contractor assistance.

General Road Repairs

The general road repair and maintenance program is done by a route system. Crews are assigned a specific route for repairs. Every street in the City is under review. If you have a concern or question, please contact the Service Garage at 440-826-5853.

For information regarding the city’s road program please contact the Engineer’s office 440-826-5814.

Street Sweeper

Our sweeper is out during the warm weather season on a weekly basis. Special attention is given to main and secondary roads as well as public parking lots for storm water pollution control management. 

During our leaf pickup program we try as weather permits to follow the pickup crews to help remove residual leaf debris.