The Law Department provides legal representation for the City of Berea, the Mayor, City Council, the Berea Municipal Court and all other City departments.

Contacting the Prosecutor’s Office

This office prosecutes only those cases that happened in the City of Berea and Olmsted Township. 

Each of the other cities within the Berea Municipal Court District (Brook Park, Middleburg Heights, Strongsville, Olmsted Falls and the Metro Parks) has their own City Prosecutor. If your case arises out of a charge from another city, contact their City Prosecutor’s office.

If you are a victim in a case and have questions, please contact me or a member of my staff at 440-826-5831. You may also contact the Berea Municipal Court Probation Department at 440-826-5860 regarding your rights as a victim of a crime.

If you are a defendant in a case and have questions about scheduling or procedure, please contact your private attorney or the Berea Municipal Court at 440-826-5862.

Victim Information

If you are the victim of domestic violence or stalking, you are strongly urged to seek support and counseling from one of the many private and public service providers in the Greater Cleveland area. For more information, you may contact the Domestic Violence Center HELPLINE at 216-391-HELP (4357). The Domestic Violence Center offers many services.


The Ohio Attorney General’s office has launched a new consumer protection campaign #JUSTDONTANSWER in response to the enormous volume of robocalls that Ohio citizens receive every day, month and year.  Robocalls are auto-dialed calls that deliver a prerecorded message.  While some are legal, such as calls from your child’s school or your doctor’s office, others are illegal because you have not consented to them and they generally try to get you to pay for something or provide personal information.

The recommendation from the OAG’s office is to just not answer the call.  Let the call go to voicemail and then either choose to listen to it or not and do research, if necessary, to determine if it is a legitimate call.  Do not press any numbers if you do pick up.

You can report illegal robocalls by texting the work “ROBO” to 888111, or by visiting the Ohio Protects portion of the OAG’s website at .  At this link you can also watch videos about robocalls, read about robocall basics and review the robocall do’s and don’ts.

Educate yourself in order to protect yourself.

Parks and Recreation

Parks & Recreation Rules and Regulations- Updated June 2022